Does Melania Trump have Stockholm Syndrome?

What is Stockholm Syndrome?

“I know what he’s done to me, but I still love him”. That’s basically what Stockholm Syndrome is.

So, does Melania Trump have Stockholm Syndrome?

She certainly seems to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but she is not alone. Millions of Eastern Europeans suffer from this psychological condition too.

We, Slavs and other Eastern Europeans, are victims, and we suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome, which is tough to cure.

What does it have to do with Melania Trump? Well, she is a perfect example of love-your-abuser Slav. Have you ever heard her talking about Eastern Europe or her country?

No. She is ashamed of her ethnicity. When she left for Paris or New York or whatever, she changed her name to German sounding from Melanija Knavs to Germanized Melania Knauss. Why German? Because for hundreds of years, Germans occupied Slovenia. “Yes, he beats me, but I love him.” Melania has never reached to any Slovenian or any other Slavic group in the States. She separated herself from “them”. And “them” are her own people. In this case, we Eastern Europeans, should separate ourselves from her.

Of course, and unfortunatly, she is not the only one. I met a lot of people with Slavic names who insisted they were either Austrians or Germans. Why Austrian or Germans? Because Slavs suffer from Stockholm syndrome and they admire they oppressors. For hundreds of years, most of the central Slavic countries were occupied by Germans until 1918. Then there were two wars, both started by Germans that took place on Slavic territories. There was no war in England. Wars that devastated our countries but not so much Germany or Austria. So that’s why Melanija Knavs was pretending that she was Melania Knauss, a German or Austrian. Whatever.

When we apply Stockholm Syndrome to race issue, we are faced with the belief in the racial or cultural superiority of our oppressors, in this case the “White people”, the Germans.

We, Eastern Europeans, must recognize the enduring reality of racial oppression and also we must stop reproducing self-racism in our communities. Take for instance education: we are taught that we are white, which is a racist lie. Textbooks and procedures are either developed by White or Black people and have little relevance to our lives and history. The educational system does not like us, does not respond to us and it does not appreciate our culture.

My, friends, we are not white. We are neither Germans nor Austrians and we certainly are not part of any white privilege.

We, Eastern Europeans have to snap out of it.

As to Melania Trump, drop her, let her be German if she likes is so much.

And please, just snap out of this Stockholm syndrome. We are not white.

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