DACA is racist

DACA must be extended to 8 million Unrealized Dreamers from Eastern Europa.

My dear friends, please, stop addressing people who are illegally in this country as “Dreamers”. It is insulting to us, legal immigrants. I am a legal immigrant. So I am not a dreamer? Should I return my visa to the government, go back, and return illegally to be called a “Dreamer”?

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For a nation built on a foundation of indebted servitude, disenfranchisement of indentured servants brought here from Eastern Europe, where I am from, the super-exploitation of Eastern European immigrant labor, and corporate capitalism, the Democratic Party’s war on equality is of no small import.

DACA is blatantly racist

To analyze racism in American society we have to turn attention to DACA. One of the main problem with DACA is that this program is blatantly racist.

The majority of DACA beneficiaries are of Mexican origin

The majority of DACA beneficiaries are of Mexican origin. The monopoly-controlled media and radical leftist academics use the term ”Latino” instead of Mexican. And sure, Mexicans are considered Latinos, but Latinos are more than just Mexicans. People from Argentina are considered Latinos too, yet very few of them live in the USA as illegal immigrants. So my question to Chuck Schumer is “why there are so many illegal immigrants from Mexico in this country? You see, Chuck, when you give privileges to Mexicans, but not to Argentineans, or people from Chile, you are being racist.

Illegal immigrants supremacy

The United we Dream organization wants to speak on my behalf, on behalf of a legal immigrant, which is patronizing, my voice is irrelevant. Your behavior should be classified as “illegal immigrants supremacy”.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., proposed the American Hope Act which would provide legal status to to 8 million DREAMers.

Mr. Gutierrez, what you propose is wonderful, but what about other Dreamers? Those who were not able to cross the border illegally? They have dreams too. Dreams of better future. Dream of living in America, with you, Mr. Gutierrez. And here’s my proposal to you, Mr. Gutierrez. You bring 8 million dreamers from Eastern Europe. They have dreams, too. They can’t cross border illegally, because the border is racist. It gives preference to Mexicans. So your proposal American Hope Act must include 8 million dreamers from Eastern Europe. If you don’t do that it proves that you, Luis Gutierrez, are another racist established Democrat.

Racist border

Eastern Europeans must be compensated for racist border. Most of the Mexican dreamers spent at least 10 years in the USA. They received free education. Each of the Eastern European unrealized dreamers, unrealized, because they were not able to cross illegally into the country, so their dreams of American life are unrealized.

So each of the Eastern European unrealized dreamers must be compensated for each year they missed American education. And I think that is about $30k a year. So, 10 years by $30k a year that’s $300, 000 for missed education. But that is only for 10 years.

The spectacle of illegal immigration politics

As the spectacle of illegal immigration politics continues to unfold, it is only further revealing the Democratic Party’s war on equality, the all-around bankruptcy and degeneration of the Democratic Party’s ideology.

Democratic Party = anti-immigrant extremists

The Democratic Party’s support of DACA is part of a larger war on immigrants. Frankly, those who support DACA, whose recipients are almost exclusively Mexican nationals, are anti-immigrant extremists. So, the Democratic Party, which seems to be hijacked by the anti-immigrant extremists, is targeting my people by giving the opportunity for legal status only to those who crossed the border illegally and most of them are Mexicans

DACA discriminates against the unrealized Dreamers from Eastern Europa. The Democratic Party establishment, ignoring the demand of the times, refuses to go forward and create a society which guarantees, in practice, equal rights and equal responsibilities for everyone.

DACA must be extended to 8 million Unrealized Dreamers from Eastern Europa

Let’s all be recipients of democratic liberties and equality. If you really stand for human rights and insist that no human is illegal (img) then demand that DACA is extended to 8 million unrealized dreamers from Eastern Europa.

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