Do Not Pass DACA!
Do Not Pass The Dream Act!

Congress, again, wants to pass the Dream Act. Putting millions of legal immigrant hopefuls in danger of never getting admitted.


Illegal immigrants supremacy

We are tired of the Illegal immigrants supremacy agenda. We need the Democrats and Republicans to choose to be on our side or be on the side of racism and lawlessness.

What does this mean?

The pressure to pass DACA has been mounting. Which means many people with criminal background who should not be in this country will get permanent residency status.

This is unacceptable. Promises to vet them are not enough. We refuse to allow racism to win. We are committed to our communities and to the fight our collective freedom. We will continue demanding protection for our communities. We need to repeal DACA and a Dream Act now.

What's Next?

This lawless situation is due to Democrats and Republicans’ inability to do the right thing, protect their constituents, and protect legal immigrants and legal immigrant hopefuls who have been waiting patiently for decades.

As always, legal immigrants will hold Congress accountable — at the ballot. We won't be in the streets or in the halls of our state and nation’s capitols because we are at work and we are not funded by special interest. Special interest can pay for illegals' riots – it is not able to buy our votes.

For our elders and community, we want them to know that we will always have their backs. We are fighting an administration built on racism and harming people but we are a movement built on love and protecting one another.

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