Slavs are behind.
It is time to create U.N. Working Group of Experts on People of Slavic Descent.


Slavs were slaves traded in Africa and Asia. The English word ‘slave’ comes from the name of our people - Slavs.

We see very strong resistance coming from both, people of color and the White to the idea of ethnic minority status for the people of Eastern Europe. They are stuck in the racist lie and do not want to acknowledge racial terrorism, racial subordination and racial inequality in the United States as it pertains to us, immigrants from Eastern Europe and the people of Eastern European descent.

We need a real commitment from
human-rights lawyers,
law educators and
the large student body
ethnic minority status, affirmative action program, reparations
to truth and reconciliation for people of Eastern European descent.

Below you have google translation of “I am a Slav”. It translated into Polish “Jestem niewolnikiem”, which means - I am a slave.

google racism

We, Slavs, are not White or Caucasian.

We are a separate race that must be recognized legally as an ethnic minority and receive affirmative action program in the USA.

This is not a question of “if”; it is a question of “when” and the sooner the better for all involved. Once, we, Slavs, receive our status, race relations will improve in America.

Once we obtain a separate status, we will be able to study our progress in this country:

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Stop addressing people who are illegally in this country as “Dreamers”. It is insulting to us, legal immigrants. I am a legal immigrant. So I am not a dreamer? Should I return my visa to the government, go back, and return illegally to be called a “Dreamer”?

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