Struggle for racial equality in America continues

For a nation built on a foundation of indentured servitude and disenfranchisement of People of White Skin of Central and Eastern Europe, calling us “white” is of no small import.

Here’s the exert from Al Jazeera American News :

There’s still a major disparity in the number of African Americans receiving a higher education. According to a report by The Education Trust, only 69 percent of black students graduated from high school in 2012, compared to 86 percent of their white peers. (2015).

This statement is false and racist. What is that 86% of white? Who are those “white” people? We do not know how many of us, Slavs, received higher education because The Education Trust uses racist methods of reporting.

It is clear that both Al Jazeera and The Education Trust have little understanding of People of White Skin of Central and Eastern Europe and their culture.

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Stop addressing people who are illegally in this country as “Dreamers”. It is insulting to us, legal immigrants. I am a legal immigrant. So I am not a dreamer? Should I return my visa to the government, go back, and return illegally to be called a “Dreamer”?

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