The State of Racial Equality in North America

What does racist discrimination against Slavs mean?
We will be collecting your stories.

A shared experience on one of the blogs:

When my parents came as immigrants from Poland in 1949 to Canada, my father was spit on and called names. Everyday, his co-workers told him to "GO HOME FOREIGNER" and would even try to urinate on him. It really hurt him so much that he had a nervous breakdown. He never liked living here Olga and he really did die of a broken heart. He was a school teacher in Poland but b/c he did not know the English language, when they came here to Canada and my parents were too poor to go back to school at that time, my father was made to feel like a bum, a nobody who never got one ounce of respect! My parents bc they were "foreigners" from Poland could not even get a job washing dishes. My father did get a job in construction but it barley paid for the food. My mothers hair all fell out from hunger as she would lie to my dad who was working in construction that she ate that day, when in fact she didn't. Hate is such a horrific thing! My mother was 8 months pregnant and was pushed while she was on a subway in Toronto and told to go back where she came from. She fell to the ground and lost her 8 month baby boy. He could not be saved in those days. I often say, we have so much to learn from the animals, especially dogs b/c their love for us is unconditional. And Humans have not evolved enough as yet to be able to love other humans unconditionally. Sad.......very sad Olga😢😢.......Susan



All political parties tend to paper over the ongoing racial assault on People of White Skin of Eastern Europe

My dear white people, and my dear people of color:

We demand ethnic minority status for Slavs and other Eastern Europeans.

Part 1: Who are those “white” people?

Part 2: Recent immigrants from Africa and probably descendants of African slave owners and slave traders, who made a fortune on slave trade, receive ethnic minority status and affirmative action program the moment they put their feet on the American soil. They also get scholarships not available to Eastern Europeans. Why?


Say "No" to DACA

DACA is racist

You are free because of them


who fought in the WW2 to save the USA from fascism and communism,
were admitted to the USA as indentured servants.
Meantime, the Democratic Party imposed communism on the entire Eastern Europe.

Take Action Against Illegal Immigrants Supremacy.
Legal Immigrants Must be Compensated.

There are about 40 million legal immigrants in the USA. We have large voting power.

Almost no one doubts that cruelty is wrong.

DACA is racist, unfair and cruel to legal immigrants and to those who have applied for legal status. Lawbreakers are rewarded; those who obey the law are punished.

Our government is interested in helping illegals, but not us, legal immigrants and those who are on the waiting list.

Resist.  Make a call.   Spread the Word.





Slavs are behind

It is time to create U.N. Working Group of Experts on People of Slavic Descent

Slavs were slaves traded in Africa and Asia.
The English word ‘slave’ comes from the name of our people - Slavs.

We must send a request to the Commission on Human Rights to consider establishing a working group or other mechanism of the United Nations to study the problems of racial discrimination faced by people of Slavic descent living in the Slavic Diaspora and make proposals for the elimination of racial discrimination against people of Slavic and Eastern European descent.


We Have Been Whitewashed

Slavs are not White.
Labeling Slavs as “White” is racism.
We are People of White Skin of Central and Eastern Europe.

We have the right to assert our own racial and ethnic identity.
Slavs must be recognized as a distinct people.

In this section, I will be giving examples of racism from academia and the media.

Our first example comes from Al Jazeera America and The Education Trust. Read on.


to take on the system?

Plain Jane

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